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Broker referrals are our mainstay, so we compensate them generously and we do expect their future business. If you or your company have a deal that's just not going anywhere, give us a try. We can do the unusual loans that others cannot. We work hard to establish good ethical relationships with brokers and private lenders alike. We receive a lot of repeat business from past satisfied clients. We do work directly with borrowers, but we also do a large quantity of loans with brokers who help their clients understand when private hard money may be an appropriate course of action for their clients benefit. We will work with brokers in many ways, but the two main ways being:

The broker refers a client directly to us, and we put together the loan package, working directly with the borrower and the referring broker receives a "referral fee" mutually agreed upon prior to drawing up docs and closing of the loan. Or the broker may submit a full and complete package to us, and remain "in the loop" throughout the complete loan transaction. This way, the broker is free to price the end product to their client, adding whatever reasonable fees they can negotiate.

Packages Accepted
Wholesale Pricing Available
Par Pricing Available
We Will Collect Fees For Brokers
In Most Cases Points Will Be Split
Call us for more information at 714-523-5400.

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